The Healing Space

Our healing space is nestled back on an 80 acre horse farm 30 mins from downtown Austin. We offer our LypoMassage, Lymphatic Drainage, Orthopedic Massage, Swedish Massage, Human gait and nutrition evaluation and White Light Healing Therapies in a quiet and serene restored 1800's Cabin. 

Our space is blessed with the presence of not only Lizette's wonderful dogs who help people comfortable but, we have 35 horses on the property. We encourage our clients to not only enjoy their bodywork but to step into the healing and humbling world of equine therapies and riding. 

Our Philosophy


The body is a system that in order to operate at full capacity it must find a flow within our system. A body well cared for and in balance will be very effective at removing bad bacteria, keeping joints healthy, keep gut inflammation down and many other amazing things our bodies are made to do. 

We work to balance the white light within that battles our daily struggles from bad food choices to extreme trauma and stress. Balancing the humors of the body has for 100's of years been a method of approach that uses our bodies abilities to heal. 

What is White Light Energy Healing?

There is energy all around us, these fields of energy can cause manifestation of illness and pain when they are out of balance. Any injury or disease which manifests in the body will have a corresponding blockage in the lymphatic or energy systems of the body. We rebalance this energy in and around the body to unlock the body's natural healing abilities. This healing is suitable for person of all ages.