"Lizette is literally a God-send! I had been struggling with sore, inflamed lymph nodes for 5 months - multiple doctors visits with specialists, blood work, x-rays, diet changes, supplements, lifestyle changes, etc etc and no resolution or answers. Until I met Lizette. She explained to me what was going on with my body (mixture of post-surgery trauma and multiple physical and emotional traumas from my past). And we started doing deep lymph massage as well as some other protocols. She is a true Healer. Her work is thorough and she not only cares about her clients, but she truly empathizes with them. Some of the work is not fun - in fact, it's toeing the line of torture ;) However, because of working with her, in addition to my own personal healing work, I feel like a new person - physically, mentally, and spiritually. I am so grateful to God that I found, not only an amazing therapist to work with on this healing journey, but also an amazing woman who I now consider a friend. If any of this resonates with you, give her a call. You will not regret it" - Aly P.

"Lizette is an A+ healer with a beautiful heart, radiating energies of warmth, serenity, and intuition. I had an in-house lymphatic drainage massage with her. 10 out of 10. Dare I say she captured my heart with her healing touch?

An ACE in talent, skill, and customer service, Lizette came well prepared and 10 minutes early. A small person carrying a bag almost her size, offering every possible modalities for me to try: hot stones, cupping sets, heated pads, music, essential oil scents, etc. She has an INTUITIVE way of connecting with her clients, ensuring the client gets the pain relief that’s right for them while feeling comfortable and at ease throughout the experience.

If you work with Lizette, expect to enter a wellness sanctuary. Not only is she excellent at her scientific Smith Healing Method, she crafted the experience to be a mind, body, spirit wellness transformation. The outcome is not only a much more relaxed body, but more grounded emotions, a more centered heart, a more focused mind, and a more connected spirit...

IF YOU are in pain, or simply want to relax and reconnect with yourself… IF YOU are looking for someone extremely skilled and talented at the scientific methodology of healing… and IF YOU want an experience that's comforting, safe, and someone who makes you feel heard, understood, and cared for, look no further.

IF YOU are reading so far, YOU KNOW you’ll have to give Lizette and Smith Healing Method a try. But watch out - she might just become your favorite masseuse / physical therapist that you can’t live without! :)"   - Isabella S.

“Lizette is a wonderful practitioner who weaves her intuition and her structural knowledge of the body together to create a massage experience that is healing and enjoyable. She really listens to her hands when she works, and every massage she does is unique and is based on the issues that are happening in my body at that time. She is kindhearted and genuine, and I can tell she is invested in seeing good results from her sessions.  - Kevin Roux, M.Ed., MSN, RN